Announcing new video series - CSE Simplified

08 July 2020 — Written by Lavish Swarnkar

Namaskaram friends!

We hope you and your loved ones are safe in this unprecedented time we all are going through. Meanwhile, we are really excited to announce a new video series which you might find helpful.

This new video series is all about streamlining your B.Tech CSE journey. There are a lot of impactful decisions you need to take during these 4 years. It's very important that you take such decisions free of greed or under bad influence. Questions you might struggling right now may include :

  • Which programming language should I learn first?
  • Should I learn Core CS?
  • Is Theoretical CS important?
  • Which laptop should I buy?
  • How to manage Competitive Programming, Core CS and development?
  • Or should I even focus on Development?
  • If so, then which development should I pick?
  • How long? How many projects?

You have to make the right choice before it's too late. You have to wake up and use your time wisely right from your 1st or 2nd year i.e. as early as possible. Many people have already made mistakes due to lack of proper guidance either from seniors or faculties. Such decisions when taken without knowing the consequences have the potential to ruin your career. And our intention behind this video series is to simplify your decision making process, so that you choose the right path.

The energy and potential you carry has to utilised at the right place otherwise you will be a burden on yourself, your family and even on the society. Because you have picked B.Tech CSE, you must know what the true CSE path is. This degree course has so much more to offer than you think. We found that the proper guidance still lacks as to how to get the most out of CSE.

So, here we are with the new video series - CSE Simplified. We will talk on several topics so you follow the true CSE path. As a consequence of which, you will become a problem solver and a changemaker that a CS Engineer is expected to be.

What are you waiting for? Get started right now - CSE Simplified

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